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Far too many people put up with discomfort and embarrassment for years, simply because of poorly made and ill-fitting dentures. A well made, properly fitted denture, whether a partial or a full denture, can bring you renewed freedom from soreness or discomfort, together with the benefits of a natural looking smile.

Here at King Street Dental we think it is essential that your dentures allow you to talk, laugh and eat in complete confidence. Our modern dentures offer a better fit and improved performance and comfort. To achieve the very best result for our patients we work very closely with our dental laboratory, our technician will meet with you to discuss your requirements and desired outcome about the appearance of your new denture.

We offer a full range of partial and full dentures in acrylic and chrome. Our dentist Dr Ion will advise you on the benefits of the different denture materials so you can make an informed choice. As well as improving appearance and chewing, a partial denture may also prevent the remaining teeth from drifting out of position in your mouth, which can lead to further tooth loss. A partial denture also takes the strain off existing teeth again prolonging the lifespan of your teeth, it also fills your face making a more youthful appearance. The advantage of using metal as the base of the denture may be smaller, covering less of the soft tissue in your mouth, and so the denture feels more comfortable to wear and eat with.

If you have lost all of your teeth, full dentures are an affordable solution that will give you freedom to talk and eat what you want without feeling self conscious. Careful measurements, construction and fitting make an enormous difference to the performance of your denture. Also our use of superior material mean that you will feel confident and comfortable, two words that never used to be associated with dentures.

Dental implants may also be an excellent alternative to partial dentures as they look and feel like natural teeth. Dental implants may also be used to help retain full dentures to make them more secure in your mouth. Whatever your denture needs we would love to talk you through your options.

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    Client Testimonials

    • Thank you for all your hard work and professionalism when fitting my implant. I’m really pleased with the result, it’s given me confidence to smile without feeling self conscious.

      Tim Whitehead

    • As a patient at your practice I would like to commend Dr Raluca Ion and her staff members on the excellent safety measures that at currently in place at the practice.

      My appointment this morning at 9am was conducted in a manner that dispelled my worries about my visit in this present Covid crisis. Every attempt to make patients feel comfortable and secure has been covered from the moment of entry to the premises until my consultation and treatment was finally over.

      I have been a patient at the practice for many years and this mornings visit went further to impress me greatly on the handling of the current Covid crisis. I must add that all staff members are always very pleasant and welcoming, which helps a lot as a nervous patient.

      Well done to all.

      Christine Peirson

    • Can’t fault this practice. My teeth were a total mess. I was nervous. Dr raluca was such a nice person and so reassuring along with her assistant Sara. They made me feel so at ease. I needed dentures. My new smile is so unbelievable. Thank you to Stuart who made them. What a team. Not forgetting the lovely receptionist and hygienist. Thank you all

      Anthony Hollins

    • As someone who hasn’t been to the dentist for 20 years & was in the situation whereby I had to go I searched the local area for a dentist. I now cannot understand why I waited so long. All the staff are incredibly friendly, understanding & reassuring. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who is apprehensive about going to a new dentist to give them a call. I have so much more confidence now my teeth have finally been sorted out. I would like to specifically recommend Dr Raluca Ion who has shown unbelievable compassion & professionalism throughout.

      Julie Lounds

    • I was very nervous before the appointment
      because i always hated my smile and it used to be difficult for me to look at it in the mirror. Now i can’t stop looking at my new teeth! Big thank you to Doctor Raluca and the whole team. You all were amazing, understanding and knew exactly what work my smile needed. I couldn’t imagine a better experience. Thank you!

      A Skwara

    • Dr Raluca and her team at King St Dental Practice are just wonderful, I actually enjoy going to the dentist! I’ve had both my top and bottom teeth straightened with Invisalign and I’m SO happy with the results. I now go for my routine appointments and I travel 1 hour 15 mins to get to the practice after moving away but I just don’t want to go anywhere else! The whole team provide such a good service, I highly recommend.

      Emma Hunt

    • Five star treatment

      First class service. Friendly and caring staff. I was made to feel at ease at the onset of my treatment. It is without hesitation that I recommend King Street Dental Practice, Raluca and her colleagues for first class treatment. Never thought going to the dentist could be a pleasure. Well done everyone, five star treatment.

      Alexandra Silvester

    • Raluca and the team at the clinic are professional, patient, caring and determined to offer an above and beyond service. I trust them implicitly and I recommend the practice to anyone in need of high quality dental treatment.

      Simon Wilcox